Getting Your Book Published: 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Publisher |

How to get your book published is one of the major questions an author has to face. Do you do it yourself, or do you submit a proposal to a publisher. As part of a series of articles on publishing your book, in this article we discuss some of the benefits of having a professional publisher. Here are 10 reasons you may prefer to have one on your side:Publisher knows the business
Experience counts in the publishing business. Publishers know what works, from the preparation that goes into developing your manuscript, giving editorial guidance, cover design, costs, timing and other factors authors take for granted. As well, they help keep authors on track to achieve their goals.

Publisher knows the market
Publishers tend to specialize in particular markets. They know those markets extremely well. They keep up with market trends and what the buying public is looking for. They know how to tap into those markets and where to find leverage for your book.

Publisher has book distribution expertise
How is your book going to be distributed? Most publishers have ongoing relationships with major wholesalers and bookstore chains. They know how to get your book into these distribution channels so as to ensure the best exposure for your book.

Publisher knows the pitfalls
So many things can go wrong in publishing. The timing for a particular book may be off. The publisher is realistic about how many books to print, as well as controlling the amount of stock shipped to wholesalers to avoid returns. Publishers also take into account whether similar books are either in the market or about to be published, and how that might impact sales.

Publisher knows if your book is any good and if there is a market for it
Publishers have a pretty good idea whether your book is viable. Yes, they’ll have accepted your book proposal, but based on their experience, they have some idea of how successful it will be in its market. They also recognize limitations. Rather than commit to larger print runs, they start smaller to first test the market.

Publisher has a vested interest in seeing you be successful
If a publisher takes you on, they figure that if you succeed, they succeed. It comes down to the bottom line. Your book must be profitable otherwise you won’t be retained as an author. You’ll therefore be expected to help them make you succeed by doing what your editor suggests, and going on speaking engagements and book signings.

Publisher relieves you of most of the costs
The publisher takes on the financial responsibility of getting your book published and onto the market. If they really like your book they may give you some kind of advance based on expected sales. Or you may not receive any revenues until there are sales. They also take responsibility if your book fails in the market by absorbing the costs incurred.

Publisher provides expert editing
Read any book and among the credits are thank yous from the author to editors. Good editors make a book better. Authors are so close to their books that they often miss or are unaware of a plot with serious holes in it, or characters not true to their values. Editors bring these errors to the attention of the author so as to correct and improve the author’s work.

Publisher has experts to design book cover
It’s well known that a great cover can make a huge difference in book sales. Publishers have expert cover designers on staff or as part of their freelance workforce.

Publisher better placed to get your book reviewed
Book sales can be dramatically increased thanks to great reviews. One of the challenges self-published authors face is getting a book reviewed. Such authors are usually unknown and don’t have the contacts. Established publishers know who they want to review a particular book, and how to go about getting that review.Making the right choice between publishing your book yourself or going through an established publisher is not always easy. We’ve listed some of the main reasons you might prefer to go with a publisher. One major benefit if a publisher takes you on, is that the activities you must do as a self-publisher are taken out of your hands. You can focus on the work at hand – making your book the best it can be.